The Team Lyle Nevada Stampede Rally - Registration

To register for the Team Lyle Nevada Stampede Rally, follow these steps:

  1. Make a motel reservation. It will not be practical to attempt this ride without staying in a motel in Alamo itself. Most riders will want lodging for May 17, 18, and ideally the 19th.

    Here's a list of hotels in Alamo:

    • The Alamo Inn, phone 775-725-3371
      Listed rates range from $43 per night for a single to $66 per night for a triple.
    • The Sunset View Inn, phone 775-725-3336
      Listed rates are $45 per night for a single and $50 per night for a double.
    • Windmill Ridge, phone 775-725-3686
      Cabins listed at $100 per night.
  2. Make a donation to Eddie's Road, a charity dedicated to the prevention of child abuse:

    • Most riders will choose to make a direct, anonymous donation, through the Eddie's Road Donations page on the FirstGiving web site;
    • Or, if you choose, you can setup an Eddie's Road Fundraiser, and ask for donations from your friends and family.

    Either way, bring a print out of your donation record and bring it to the Rally.

  3. Print out the TLNS Rally Release Form, fill it out, sign it, and bring it with you to the rally.
  4. Complete this registration form - required fields are in red:

    City: State:  Zip:
    Bike info: (year, make, model)
    IBA Member #: (if any - see NOTE below)

    NOTE: The Iron Butt Association has specific requirements that must be met before attempting a Bun Burner Gold ride. Check the Iron Butt Association - Bun Burner Gold page for complete details.